Current projects

Tales Through Time: A Dundee Ghost Walk

Written to be performed on Halloween evening 2020, Tales Through Time is a theatrical walking tour which takes audience members through Dundee’s city centre. Taking into consideration legislation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is written into the heart of the story as our spirit guide has drawn chalk circles around various ghosts which cannot be crossed. Safe and reassuring indeed – until we pass an empty circle…

Tales Through Time is a family friendly ghost walk which tells a story of family, adversity, and the history of Dundee.


In a dusty attic filled with boxes of memories, Craig recalls his youth: family history and secrets set to the turn of the millennium. As he remembers his parents, friends and neighbours, Craig fights against the trap of nostalgia, interrogating the past with a lyrical and forensic poetry.

Ashloaning is a play about questioning memory, and what comes after coming-of-age.

An extract of Ashloaning was presented in April 2019 as part of Rep Stripped, Dundee Rep Theatre’s festival of new writing. It was directed by Jordan Blackwood, and featured cast members from the Dundee Rep Ensemble: Ross Baxter, Chiara Sparkes, Irene Macdougall, Barrie Hunter and Emily Winter.

Rehearsal of an extract of ‘Ashloaning’ for Rep Stripped featuring (L-R) actor Ross Baxter, actor Barrie Hunter, actor Irene Macdougall and director Jordan Blackwood. Photo by Rob Currie.


Bedsong takes place in a future where the country is suffering a resource crisis. Food can only be purchased with a government controlled allowance at state-operated foodbanks. Nat is a call-centre operator for the state foodbank, and lives with her boyfriend, Kerr, who attends protests and rallies against these measures. In Bedsong, they fight to hold onto their relationship against a backdrop of hunger and control.

‘Bedsong’ read-through with (L-R) actor Luke Macdonald, writer Rob Currie and actor Louise McCahery. Photo by Gavin Gilfillan.