Creative Copywriting Portfolio: 'Vittae' Kickstarter campaign video script

Client: Kevin Sinclair
I worked with Kevin to provide creative content for the Kickstarter campaign for his Vittae dual-nib fountain pen. I provided a script for the campaign’s launch video, as well as supporting copy for the campaign’s Kickstarter page.

As a product designer, I’ve been looking at the tools we use to communicate. One thing that stood out to me is that despite all the technology available to us today, there is still, always, a place for the pen.

My name is Kevin Sinclair. Over the last year I’ve been trialling and testing hundreds of different pens. I’ve been looking at how these pens work, and I’ve been watching how people use them. One thing that was clear to me is that there was a clear bottleneck in transition when it came to changing colours.

So I’ve designed this, the Vittae. This is the first fountain pen to have dual nibs, which allows you to transition the colour simply by rotating the tool.

I’ve built dozens and dozens of prototypes, and reaching this final product has involved putting the product into people’s hands to get their feedback. It’s been incredible: they’ve used it for editing, for proofreading, for mark-up, and for sketching, so it’s exciting to see it being used for this application.

With Vittae’s unique dual-nib design, you can add hierarchy and cohesion to your work with a simple twist of your fingers. You can also use most existing fountain pen inks with Vittae, and get a really exciting colour combination to suit your own needs.

By focussing on every single design detail from the early stages, through development, prototyping, user testing, right through to design for manufacturing assembly, I’ve looked at everything. Every single detail has been meticulously examined, and I’m confident that Vittae can be produced to the highest possible standard.

Vittae will be made and assembled in the UK. I have independent manufacturers lined up across the country, so by backing this campaign you’ll also be supporting these businesses.

I really believe this is an exciting, elegant product which has been thoughtfully designed to improve your workflow. A pen is a thought in motion, and with Vittae in your hand, you can think and write without interruption. With your support Vittae will be put into production and into the hands of backers, which will hopefully include you.