2020, it was a year

I jotted down some notes on my phone at the end of the year, trying to order my thoughts on 2020. I don’t use this blog for much, but I thought I could use it to share this.

I’ve been fortunate in a lot of ways. I’ve been lucky and stayed healthy. I was able to be furloughed from my work, and then able to be flexi-furloughed too. I’ve never had more time to enjoy with Jen, and technology has kept us in touch with our people.

Thing have been unfortunate too. I definitely felt frustrated for those months of the year that I wasn’t able to be at work. I felt a lot of anxiety for the theatre sector. We also had three deaths in the family, and socially distant funerals were difficult. Being disconnected physically from loved ones has been hard.

Despite the sadness, I have a lot of good memories from 2020. Going camping in the summer. Catching up and playing games online with friends. Helping to bring Jen’s gran’s garden back to glory. Watching Carol learn to Zoom. Helping to raise over £1,800 for Movember. Writing a few stories. Spending lockdown with Jen.

Anyway. It was a year. I hope the next one goes a little easier for all of us.

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