LIP Theatre Company: 25 Year Retrospective

I’ve been a member of LIP Theatre Company – the University of Dundee’s student drama society – since 2014, and this year marks the society’s 25th anniversary year. To celebrate that acheivement, I wanted to put some archive material together and share some highlights from the society’s quarter-centuary history. The only downside: nothing had ever been written down. It seemed to be the nature of a society with limited storage space whose members leave every four years.

I was lucky that there’s a Facebook group for LIP alumni, which meant I had a starting point from the off. The group worked together to fill in a Google document and build a list of all the shows the society has put on, and were happy to fill me in with information about them. One member, Owen, even sent me a disc with a video of LIP’s first original play and first play at the Edinburgh Fringe back in 1996.

Some deep searching online filled in more of the blanks. Old reviews from LIP’s Fringe shows were easier to find from around 2006 onward, but a member of the alumni page had managed to find a review of the 1996 show. With the Wayback Machine, I was able to find inactive pages from one of LIP’s early websites. These pages contained programme notes from early shows, as well as informal member newsletters which were a brilliant insight into how the members saw things going.

My retrospective is online at LIP Theatre Company’s website, so if you’re interested you can read it there.

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